Boston Aquariums offers a full range of aquatic services to meet the high expectations of our commercial and residential clients, from the initial design and installation phases through the ongoing care and maintenance of each unique environment.


There are numerous options that need to be considered from tank size and shape, cabinetry, structural support, aquascape, fish and coral selection, and filtration system configuration. Our years of experience will help to guide you seamlessly though the initial design and creative process. Boston Aquariums collaborates with interior designers, architects, and builders to help bring our clients’ vision to life.  Our services include working with design professionals to provide detailed tank drawings and coral renderings of each environment for our clients approval before moving into the production phase of the project.

Conference view    TA Reception Rendering   Energy North Drawings copy


Once the aquarium design has been determined and approved, we begin the installation process. Using state of the art equipment, our team of trained professional installation experts makes sure all the initial design details are brought to life. After the tank is set into place and the filtration system is installed, we thoroughly test the system and condition the water before the fish community is gradually introduced.

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After the installation is complete, Boston Aquariums establishes a recurring maintenance schedule for our clients. Our primary goal is to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your fish community at all times. During each service, our professionally trained technicians maintain the chemical, biological, and mechanical balance of your aquarium. This includes conducting a health evaluation of the entire fish community, partial water changes, and a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of the aquarium and filtration system. Our technicians are specifically trained and outfitted with the proper equipment to work in water sensitive commercial and residential environments. Custom food preparation for each day in between services is also provided. Boston Aquariums is available for our clients 24/7 in the event of an emergency.


Boston Aquariums can help bring your existing aquarium back to life. After scheduling a consultation to review the details of your aquarium, we outline an initial plan to bring your aquarium to our standards and establish an ongoing maintenance plan for the future.

Special Events

We work with clients from around the globe to design and install aquariums for special events & trade shows.  Our special event aquariums include many of the same features we incorporate into our high end custom aquariums.  We also offer onsite technical support and provide purified water for the events to ensure the livestock is comfortably acclimated and active during the event.