LED’s: Lighting Up the Aquarium Trade

Nearly every high-end display tank at the 2014 Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) was running LED lighting systems. LED fixtures are replacing every other aquarium lighting on the market, and quickly! Providing brighter, programmable lighting with beautiful effects like shimmer, dimmers, and color control, showcasing your amazing investment is becoming more user friendly than ever. Furthermore, LED fixtures last astoundingly longer than fluorescent and T5 bulbs. Replacing burnt out bulbs will no longer be an issue, as many fixtures last up to 5 years or more. LED fixtures can be utilized in freshwater, marine, and reef tanks alike, now offering the ability to grow and propagate planted tanks and even the most light-hungry corals.

LED fixtures have become more affordable in recent years and are considerably more energy efficiency than their predecessors. In my own personal tank, my fixture was the most essential, and smart investment I made, which now allows me to showcase my tank beautifully, and without running up my electricity bills or worrying about overheating my aquarium. LED fixtures are also quiet, only lukewarm to the touch, and far more durable than their glass-rod counterparts.  The LED fixtures we use on our custom installations really help to bring out the vibrant colors in fish and corals alike and will definitely make you stop and admire your aquarium more often.

At the 2014 MACNA conference in Colorado, Ecoxotic showcased their new programmable multi-chip LED fixtures, offering various color spectrums in one unit as well as the ability to reduce power consumption with wattage control. The Current USA Marine PRO version was also displayed at MACNA, with double the power than previously offered units and in a sleek, low profile housing. An industry-leading lighting manufacturer, Current USA offers a variety of cost efficient lighting models that are fully remote-capable and 24-hour programmable with unique settings such as moonlight and even thunderstorm effects. Many other lighting manufactures we work with continue to push the bar on the aquarium lighting industry and we’re very excited to see what the future will bring.