Aquariums in Corporate Environments: Trip Advisor Spotlight

Almost 60% of the aquariums we install and maintain are in commercial spaces.  What are some of the benefits of having an aquarium in an office environment?  We are often asked this question when we meet with new clients.

By nature, aquariums are therapeutic and have the ability to create a more relaxed and serene work environment.  This can improve performance and productivity, as well as foster a sense of community within the office.  Over time, the fish often become office pets and help break up the daily work routine for everyone who passes by.

Recently, Trip Advisor hired us to build an aquarium for their new corporate headquarters.  Trip Advisor is consistently voted as one of the best places to work in the country.  Their corporate philosophy focuses on creating a positive, energetic, and forward-thinking atmosphere for their employees.  We worked closely with their design team to create a unique aquarium that not only looks beautiful and functions well, but also emulates Trip Advisor’s corporate image and incorporates their office décor.

Today, the fish in the Trip Advisor aquarium are part of their staff and family.  Check out the aquarium in the photos here and also featured in one of their company videos.  You’ll see it fits right in with their office and employees.