Creating a Custom Aquascape: Ocean Front Residence

In simplest terms, aquascaping is underwater landscaping.

We look at aquascaping like designing a work of art with endless options for shape, color, feel, and themes. Our clients can select from live coral reef, realistic synthetic coral, live rock, coral skeletons, and many other aquarium specific decorations to design the interior of their tank.

Once the aquarium’s tank, structure, cabinetry, and filtration system have been finalized, we begin the aquascape design phase of the project.  We recently installed the aquarium pictured above and our client selected realistic synthetic coral for their tank.  Each coral was hand selected to seamlessly integrate the aquascape into the contemporary décor of their home and compliment the style and shape of the aquarium itself.

Once the aquarium installation is complete and the fish community is safely acclimated into the aquarium, our clients are able to enjoy a small piece of the oceans breathtaking beauty every day… with their completely unique and custom aquascape.